About the Dolls

Reborn dolls are one-of-a-kind hand painted pieces of art. The goal is for realism. Therefore, the dolls look and feel like real newborn or preemie babies.

About the features:

  • Each doll is hand-painted.
  • Each has baby like veining and blushing.
  • Details such as nail tips, creasing, color variations add to the realism.
  • Dolls are weighted to have a  real baby feel.
  • The hair is premium mohair that is hand rooted one strand at a time. If a wig is requested, it is also made of mohair.
  • Dolls wears preemie or newborn clothes.
  • The body of the doll is stuffed cloth body to make the dolls huggable and cuddly.
  • The face hands and feet can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • The hair can be gently styled and brushed.

 How The Dolls Are Made

 Each doll is hand-painted with multiple layers of Genesis Heat Set paint.  After each layer is painted the doll is baked in an oven to cure the paint. This process is repeated until the desired skin shade is achieved, sometimes over 25 layers of paint are applied. 

If rooted  hair is desired, the mohair is rooted one strand at a time. It is then glued on the inside of the head.  If the choice of hair is a wig we use only mohair wig which is secured to the head with permanent glue and can be brushed and styled. Wigs are recommended if thicker hair is the preference and if the doll is intended as a play doll. The body is stuffed and waited using poly pellets, glass sand and poly fill. This makes the doll soft, cuddly and waited giving it the feel of a real baby and allowing it to travel internationally. 

How to order

 For options of doll faces, skin tones, hair, eye color and nationalities please contact Jean Parchment at jeanparchment@yahoo.com

 A base donation is indicated for each doll. Many individuals donate what they can afford over and above the base donation because the money given is not merely for the cost of the doll but rather a donation for the orphans.

  •  All donations go to International Children’s Care.  A tax deductible receipt will be issued by International Children’s Care. The money is used for the care and education of orphans who live in the villages provided by this institution.